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To help participants of the program manage with their tasks, a number of manuals were published by the BCC Press.

  • Adopt a Refuge: a textbook for young nature guards / A. A. Mogilner, E. L. Yakhontov. - Moscow, BCC Press, 2002. - 43 p.

    The book is directly related to the program "Adopt a zakaznik". It contains description of necessary practical steps to support the life of protected areas (PA) as well as key research methods. Particular chapters are dedicated to botanical and hydrobiological researches, instruct how to create ecological paths, take care of trees, smaller rivers and springs, etc. The manual was written taking into account experience of the program participants - difficulties they faced and questions they raised during their work.

  • Methods of field geobotanical research in temperate zone of European Russia / Neronov V.V. - Moscow, BCC Press, 2002. - 139 p.

    The book covers the key theoretical bases of geobotany, methods and approaches in plant investigations, organization of field practices. It also contains descriptions of floristic and ecological features of the main types of plant communities in the region. This publication is designed to help teachers, students and schoolchildren in their floristic exercises. It can be also useful to those engaged in forestry and nature conservation.

  • CD version of the Guide to Wintering Birds of the Moscow Region.

    The guide includes interactive keys for identification of 58 species of birds based on field characters. The section "Study of fauna and ecological features of wintering birds" provides methodological recommendations on winter bird-watching (i.e. equipment, methods of root registration and calculation, behavioral description, estimation of food resources and so on). A list of original training ornithological works for schoolchildren is also available. Keys are supported with brief accounts of biological peculiarities of included species, as well as more than 350 photos, 102 sound records, 30 videos. This data is supplemented by full checklist of birds species of Moscow region and a list of species included in the regional Red Data book. This guide is suitable for use in all central part of European Russia territories and methodological part has general-purpose character.

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