Russian Clearing-House mechanism on biological diversity

Ministry of Natural Resources of the Russian Federation appointed Biodiversity Conservation Center to act as a national Focal point for the biodiversity Clearing-House mechanism under the Convention on Biological Diversity. The work started since August 2004 and coordinated by the Central Information Bureau of the Ministry of Natural Resources.

The priority tasks for the national biodiversity CHM are:

  • Information support for decision makers responsible for Russia's international obligations under Convention on Biological Diversity on the questions of biodiversity conservation,

  • Development of collaboration and information exchange between state bodies and scientific institutions;

  • Information support for realization of thematical programs and cross-cutting issues under Convention according to the decisions of the Conference of the Parties;

  • Development of information resources of common use in order to support potential partners at national, sub-national, regional (European) and international levels.

The information gateway of the national Clearing-House mechanism focal point is accessible by address:




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Russian Clearing-House mechanism on biological diversity

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