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Project "Adopt a Refuge"

In 2000 the BCC launched an environmental-educational project "Adopt a Refuge", sponsored by The John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation.

It is aimed at:

  • involving population into wildlife conservation activity on their local PNAs -Protected Natural Areas (but not necessarily just local);
  • joining efforts of various children and youth societies and clubs dealing with the living nature and cultural heritage (biological, tourist, ecological, local history) in studying and protecting natural objects;
  • attracting individuals and organizations to take natural objects under their sponsorship

In the long run, the project should serve the greater purpose of setting up the system of public control over the condition of small PNAs.

Program of work with adopted natural areas.

It consists of three blocks (or stages):

1) the first stage of work envisages contacting with local governmental bodies and research of legal and administrative documents related to the chosen protected territory (status, regulatory enactments, protection conditions, history of creation).

2) then a primary exploration of the territory should be carried out:

  • description of biotopes/objects;
  • identification of rare species;
  • mapping;
  • evaluation of the PNA's current state and threats, etc.

    3) further work is going to take a long time and includes
  • maintaining protection regime of the area and improving the state of objects;
  • monitoring and detecting threats and negative tendencies;
  • raising public awareness about PNAs via mass media, through direct public work.

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