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Results achieved within the Forest Program in collaboration with other conservation organisations:

  • the first detailed maps of old-growth forests of the Karelia Republic and the Murmansk oblast followed by a moratorium on logging there announced by Finnish and Swedish forestry giants in 1996;
  • establishment of protected nature areas in the Karelia Republic, Murmansk and Moscow oblasts;
  • initiating, developing and promoting FSC voluntary forest certification in Russia;
  • the first comprehensive map of old-growth forests of Northwestern European Russia and Northern Europe;
  • The Atlas of Russia's Intact Forest Landscapes;
  • The Atlas of Canada's Intact Forest Landscapes;
  • the first report of Swedish Timber Industry Involvement in Russia;
  • GIS analysis of brown beak habitats in Kronotsky Zapovednik, Kamchatka oblast;
  • the map of High Conservation Value Forests in Primorsky Krai



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