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Atlas of Russia's Intact Forests Landscapes - a pioneer attempt of mapping the last remaining areas of old-growth forest in Fennoscandia and Northern European Russia.

The book The last of the last: the Old-growth Forests of Boreal Europe - for the first time summarizes information on the last old-growth forests of boreal Europe.

Canada's Large Intact Forest Landscapes
The report is the first analysis of its kind ever performed in Canada, and is the result of a multiyear mapping effort by GFW in Canada. Using a combination of satellite imagery, GIS, ancillary data sources and ground verification, GFW has produced maps that identify intact forest landscapes.

The LAST Intact Forest Landscapes of Northern European Russia
This work is the first attempt to identify remaining intact boreal forest of northern European Russia using high-resolution satellite imagery - methods and results.

The poster Remaining Wildlands in the Northern Forests gives a preliminary estimate of the integrity of little-disturbed forest areas within the boreal zone.



· The Forest Bulletin
· Forest Update
· Forest News
· Novosti Taigi (Russian version of TRN's Taiga News)

Program Head: Mikhail Karpachevsky, Ph.D.

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