1% for the Planet

Biodiversity Conservation Center, first in Russia, joined the worldwide network of charity 1% for the Planet , and invites business companies and other environmental NGOs to join this movement.

Environment condition on Earth is rapidly getting worse, for what man turned out to be completely unprepared. Environmental and socio-economic consequences of this process become unprecedented and extremely dangerous: it is enough to recall devastating wildfires, floods, droughts, climate instability, melting glaciers and other disasters of recent years in almost every place of the globe.

Under these circumstances, only joining efforts can help us to succeed in protecting favorable environmental conditions for human life. Therefore we invite business companies and environmental NGOs to join the movement 1% for the Planet .

1% for the Planet is a growing global movement of more than 1300 companies that donate 1% of their sales to a network of more than 2000 environmental organizations worldwide.





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