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Ukrainian President Leonid Kuchma has signed the Law on the State Program for the Formation of a National Ecological Network of Ukraine in 20002015. This law was adopted by the Supreme Rada on September 21, 2000. This state program aims to increase the acreage of natural landscapes enough to preserve their diversity. Another objective is to link these landscapes in such a way as to ensure the natural migration and dispersal pathways of plants and animals.

The National Ecological Network must meet requirements as part of the Pan-European Ecological Network, and fulfill basic functions to do with the preservation of biodiversity. The program must also contribute to a balanced industrial exploitation of biological resources.

In addition, two new Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources regulations have recently been passed: Decree #151 (09.29.2000) On Ratification of Regulations on State Inspection of the Sea of Azov; Decree #150 (09.29.2000) On Ratification of Regulations on State Inspection of the Black Sea.

These documents can be found at the following web address:

This report is based on material
from the Ecological North West Line (Saint Petersburg)

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