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Alternative Civil Service for the Sake of Nature Protection

This project was designed by the BCC and House 28 (Arkhangelsk) to be implemented on the territory of Arkhangelsk and Moscow regions. It is aimed at fulfilling a complex of objectives for development of the Alternative Civil Service (ASC) in Russia that includes: elaborating a model mechanism of preparation for the ACS, extending sphere of possible socially useful activities (giving priority to environmental ones) for ACS conscripts, establishing Resource Centre (RC) for the ACS, monitoring the initial stage of the ACS, raising public awareness about the ACS and creating positive image of an ACS conscript. Development and implementation of the ACS is one of Russia's key points in building responsible, conscious civil society. First of all ACS is a democratic form of constitutional rights implementation, a way to solve many social problems, a new form of socializing young people via ecological, peacemaking and civil ideals.

"The ACS implements such natural human rights as the right for life and, note, peaceful life, - says the project coordinator Dmitry Kokorev. - It largely contributes to the peace on earth, well-being of the whole society and thus directly and indirectly makes for prevention and resolution of social and, obviously, military conflicts".

The ACS is of great demand in Russian society. But mechanisms for its implementation are not fully developed yet.
On the other hand, state ecological services have a great shortage of specialists and technical personnel caused by uneasy labor conditions combined with low payment. As a result, environmental structures can not adequately fulfill their functions.
The project Alternative Civilian Cervice for the Sake of Nature Protection run by the BCC could help solve these problems as it aims to reveal a great potential of the ecological ACS in Russia.

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