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The Participants in the Project

The following have taken part in the Biodiversity Conservation Centre's 'Save the Russian Desman!' project:

The National Parks Fund;
The Department for the Protection and Development of Hunting Resources at the Russian Ministry of Agriculture;
Regional authorities for the conservation, monitoring and management of game animals in 35 Russian provinces and republics;
The Khopyor and Oka State Nature Reserves;
The Klyazma federal wildlife sanctuary;
The Seltso hunting reserve;
The Bryansk Les film studio;
The M. A. Sholokhov State Reserve-Museum;
The Yaroslavl State Reserve-Museum of History, Architecture and Art;
Losiny Ostrov ['Elk Island'] National Park;
The Bashkir Committee for Natural Resources;
The Centre for Co-ordination and Information at the Socio-Ecological Union;
The magazine 'Okhrana dikoy prirody' ['Wildlife Conservation'];
The newspapers 'Prirodno-resursnye vedomosti' ['Natural Resources News'], 'Spasenie' ['Rescue'] and 'Rybak Rybaka' ['A fisherman (sees) a fisherman (from afar)' -the title derives from a Russian proverb -A. G.];
The radio station Govorit Moskva;
The State Darwin Museum.

The Biodiversity Conservation Centre thanks all the participants in the project!


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