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Activities of the Kola BCC include:

  • creating databases and GIS maps that help carry out independent analysis of the regional ecosystems and identify factors threatening their well-being;
  • distributing information on the nature protection problems in order to raise public environmental awareness and especially to involve local youth into conservation activity;
  • making field surveys and promoting the establishment of protected natural areas in the Murmansk Region;
  • collecting and disseminating information about the ecological culture of indigenous peoples in the area and the current projects that involve industrial development of their lands;
  • organizing public discussions of nature management projects;
  • campaigning against the most environmentally desctructive industrial projects and initiatives in the area.

    Besides, its members take active part in designing the regions new specially protected areas: Khibiny and Kutsa National Parks, a number of wildlife refuges.

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The Kola BCC has developed effective methods of cooperation with governmental officials, particularly through information exchange and provision of expert comments on various development projects. Its members maintain close contacts with the Murmansk Region Committees for Environmental Protection and the Natural Resources, the Apatity City Council and Ecological Fund, the Kola Research Center of the Russian Academy of Sciences, and the major environmental NGOs of the area.

In 2003-2004 the Kola BCC jointly with Taiga Rescue Network and Siberian Environmental Center implemented the project Promoting Public Participation in Russian Forest Management and Policies, supported by Europian Union (IBPP/Tacis), SIDA and VROM. For more details read this presentation (PPT, 2.9 MB).

Coordinators: Konstantin Kobyakov, Irina Zaitseva


Tel./Fax: (81555) 6-62-86

Adress: Lenina Str., 6, Apt. 29, Apatity, the Murmansk Oblast, 184209, Russia


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