Nature Reserves and National Parks
# 39, 2002


*Only selected articles are presented in this English version of the bulletin. They are hyperlinked.

The Russian version of this issue has been made possible by the Global Environmental Facility (GEF) Project “Biodiversity Conservation in the Russian Federation” and by the John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation.

The electronic English version of the bulletin prepared with the support of Svanhovd Environmental Centre (Svanvik, Norway).

An international meeting on Saiga protection in Elista, in May 2002, recognized the urgent need for biodiversity conservation efforts in the Eurasian Steppes (photo by P.A. Sorokin)

“Zapovedniki i Natsionalnye Parki”

(Nature Reserves and National Parks) Bulletin is published by the Biodiversity Conservation Center (BCC) and registered with the Federal Press Committee of the Russian Federation (registration No. 017660 of 05.29.98).

The Russian version of the bulletin is distributed in the former Soviet Union.

Editorial Board:
Nikolai Formozov
Inna Kupriyanova
Viktor Popov
Andrei Shcherbakov
(deputy editor)
Yevgeny Shvarts
Vsevolod Stepanitsky
(deputy editor)
Yuri Vedenin
Svyatoslav Zabelin
Alexey Zimenko


Employees of nature reserves and national parks wishing to receive the bulletin should mail applications to the BCC:

Conservation Center
Ul. Vavilova 41, of. 2
Moscow, 117312

Tel./fax: (095) 124 7178


Editor of this issue (Russian):
Alexandr Ladygin
Copy editor of this issue
Joanne Turnbull
Maria Travkina
Dmitry Vatrasov
Foto on cover:
Pavel Sorokin


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