The future

CoastLearn is not a fixed product. It can grow much further and needs to be updated regularly. Existing Coastlearn modules will be translated into new languages. Draft versions of the new module on integrated tourism development and the simulation game will be used as a first step towards networking activities. Results of internet based discussions about the CoastLearn modules and the suitability of their application will be fed back to the module developers in order to improve the training materials.

Other expected results are

The experience so far has been very motivating. Funding is being sought for additional modules (e.g. beach management) and language versions (e.g. Romanian). The intention is to improve CoastLearn through each additional module, using them as a basis to e.g. develop trans-national networks of practitioners or improve the interaction of the learning components. We intend to keep it growing a long as it meets the needs of its end users.