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Certification is a voluntary procedure that assesses, monitors and gives written assurance that a business, product, process, service or management system conforms with specific requirements. It awards a marketable logo or seal to those that meet or exceed baseline standards, i.e., those that at a minimum comply with national and regional regulations, typically and fulfil other declared or negotiated standards prescribed by the program (More information).




Eco-labelling describes a scheme in which a product or service may be awarded an ecological label on the basis of its acceptable level of environmental impact. This acceptable level of environmental impact may be determined by consideration of a single environmental hurdle or after undertaking an assessment of its overall impacts (Synergy, 2000) (More information).

In Europe there are over 10 recognized, credible eco-labelling and certification programs offering labels or logos designed to signify environmental, socio-cultural and economic practices in coastal zones that are superior.

Some examples:

Blue Flag Campaign
The Netherlands
Green Globe 21
PAN Parks
The Green Key
Denmark, Estonia, Greenland, and Sweden
The Swan
Denmark, Iceland, Finland, Norway and Sweden


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