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Tourism is dependent upon the attractive power of the destinationís primary resources:

  • Natural resources (climate, landscape, ecosystems);
  • Cultural resources (urban heritage, arts, archaeological values, traditions, science values, folk crafts and sub-cultural formations);
  • Social resources (potential tourism developers with socio-demographic characteristics, abilities, financial capital, knowledge, health - environment - property security system, local community interests etc.).

Moreover tourist destinations provide secondary resources:

  • Accommodation sector (hotel, motel, camping, guest house etc.);
  • Catering sector (café, restaurants, bistro etc.);
  • Travel organisation sector (agencies, tour operators etc.);
  • Transportation sector (air, boat, train, bus, etc.);
  • Entertainment sector (Cambling, disco, etc.);
  • Information sector (tourism information network);
  • Supplementary services, facilities and service infrastructure

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