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Consumers in Europe, for example in Germany,the United Kingdom or the Netherlands are aware of the environmental impacts that can be caused by tourism. They expect a high environmental quality in their destination, prefer eco-labelled accommodation services, look for certified products in the travel catalogues and have access to all "green" tourism products in Europe.

Facts and figures

German tourists expect environmental quality
In 2002, Germans were asked the following question in an opinion poll: When thinking about your next holiday, which of the following environmental factors is most important for you? The answers were as follows:

64.5 %: Clean beaches and water
59.1 %: No rubbish in the resort or in the surrounding area
50.0 %: No urbanisation of rural areas
45.8 %: Good nature protection in the holiday destination
51.0 %: No noise pollution from traffic or discothèques
35.1 %: Little traffic and good public transport in the destination
29.0 %: Possibility of reaching the destination easily by bus or train
41.8 %: Environmentally-friendly accommodation
18.7 %: Finding environmentally-friendly accommodation in tour operators or travel agentsí catalogues
14.2 %: Easy access to information on offers with verified environmental-friendly accommodation (eco-labels)

Source: ECOTRANS / F.U.R. (Reiseanalyse 2002)
Sample: n = 7872 / representative for 60.10 Mio Germans aged at least 14 years

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