CoMPAS Simulation Game

CoMPAS is a simple simulation computer game which models the coastal region management processes. The game is designed for one participant and mainly intended for those who professionally have to deal with costal development management (e.g. for officials in the administrations of coastal regions).

The game introduces the participants to the sustainable development conception and to sustainable management principles for the social and economic development of costal regions.

The player acts as head of a costal region administration with a wide latitude in budgetary decision making. For the region he/she governs in the game, a set of economic activities is given which usually can be found in such regions. For all these activities the regionís natural resources are exploited to a certain degree. Those resourcesí specific character is conditioned by their main ecosystem resource; the contact zone of water and land.

The time advances in the game by one year steps. In order to achieve the highest possible learning effect the player must play through a long time period, at least twenty years.

The goal is to ensure a sustainable development for the modeled region. This is achieved by maintaining a satisfactory ecological situation in the region, a preservation of the natural resources, along with achieving high figures in social and economic development.

The simple mathematic model underlying the game allows to reflect the economic activity in the coastal region, as well as ecologic and social consequences of the decisions taken by the game participants.




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